Aimé Leon Dore SS'23 Is Here To Prove Its More Than 'Sleek Streetwear'

Aimé Leon Dore SS’23 Is Here To Prove Its More Than ‘Sleek Streetwear’

April 27, 2023
Dom Challis

Although they’re known for their consistent collaborations with New Balance, NYC-based Aimé Leon Dore may be proving a point with the label’s Spring/Summer 2023 lookbook that’s missing any obvious streetwear staples.

Often dabbling with their own take on streetwear clothing and culture, Aimé Leon Dore has strived to be a unique label and defines itself by creating “timeless work by portraying an aesthetic that is uniquely our own.”

Founded in 2014 by Teddy Santis, Aimé Leon Dore has always used Santis’ Greek background and childhood as inspiration, as well as the influence of 90s hip-hop and basketball to design contemporary and elevated apparel that many online define as “sleek streetwear.”

Although proud of everything Aimé Leon Dore has achieved in its relatively short life, Santis seems to be proving a point that his label isn’t all “sleek streetwear,” which explains the obvious absence of any streetwear staples from its SS’23 drop one that launched February 2023 and SS’23 drop two that launches May 27 and can be seen below.

Aimé Leon Dore’s upcoming launch includes many T-shirts, pullover quarter-zip fleeces, football jerseys, and plenty of headgear. The new garments have been styled with pieces such as overshirts, striped cardigans and braided belts – offering both a playful take on smart casual menswear. 

The much-loved graphical hoodies from the label have been removed from the mainline collection and placed in the Uniform collections. Moves like this suggest that Amié Leon Dore are separating the pieces that make the most money, away from its mainline collection.

I’m sure Aimé Leon Dore has no problem shifting all of its products either way, but I think Santis is trying to give his mainline collection a bigger standalone presence. The graphic-heavy hoodies, ripstop shirts, and New Balance trainers will most likely be reintroduced into the mainline in time.

My take from this is that Aimé Leon Dore are only experimenting and trying to prove that their entire mainline collection isn’t there only to fill the gaps, and hoping that it’s customers view the entire collection as individual luxury pieces.

Drop two of Amié Leon Dore’s SS’23 collection arrives at the label’s namesake website on Saturday, May 27.

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