Adidas Go Back To Their Roots With Their New ‘adidas ZX Boost’ Silhouette.

Adidas Go Back To Their Roots With Their New ‘Adidas ZX Boost’ Silhouette.

By Rachel Tooley | May 19, 2020

A new edition of the classic adidas ZX shoe has recently been unveiled, which is set to release later this month, throwing it back to the original roots of the adidas brand. The original ZX silhouette has a really unique, interesting background which makes it an iconic pair to have within your sneaker collection, so we’re giving you an exclusive first look at the new adidas ZX Boost model.

Originally, the ZX series first debuted in 1984, which proved itself to be a huge development within technical sports/running shoes during that era. The silhouette was designed by adidas with the aim to cover all bases when it comes to the needs of runners of all disciplines, including all-terrain, road, long distance, sprint and even leisure jogging. The ZX shoe made its name for being an athletic must have with the use of the specialised, innovative adidas Torsion System technology, which is still used today in many adidas Ultraboost models. However, the ZX silhouette didn’t just make the top spot within the sporting industry. During the late 80’s and early 90’s, the adidas ZX silhouette became a must have shoe for ravers’ wardrobes, with thanks to its bold, colourful designs and the ultimate level of comfort that the shoe has to offer. The ZX plays an iconic part within the history of the acid house rave scene as it was so popular within the subcultures of the era.

The new addition to the adidas ZX family has recently been unveiled by the brand. The adidas ZX Boost features a contemporary update on the classic ZX silhouette. The model takes influence from other ZX styles including the adidas ZX710. This updated silhouette is also inspired by its more retro heritage, with a vintage themed colour palette consisting of vibrant bottle green, white and sandy beige. The full length Boost midsole comes in a clean white shade, with a rubber TPU heel in a more unusual beige colour. adidas branding sits on the lateral sit of the TPU heel, including the original adidas crest logo. The mesh upper and tongue allow extra comfort and breathability within the shoe, whilst offering a more flexible shape to adapt to the foot movement. Within this design, the upper is layered with a variety of mesh fabric styles and sizes, alongside white leather panels to allow the shoe to keep a more solid shape and structure. Green accents highlight the design, which feature on the rope style laces, heel panel and within the sock liner of the shoe. The classic adidas three stripe design subtly features on the lateral and medial sides of the trainer, which has thin contrasting green strips which sit parallel to each other. The black rubber outsole matches the pull tab on the back of the heel to create more depth and contrast within an otherwise very neutral palette. To finish the design, a red adidas logo features on the tongue which emphasizes the ZX Boost’s retro roots.

The adidas ZX Boost is a really versatile pair of trainers if you’re looking to buy something more practical, comfortable and still stylish. The simplicity of this model allows you to experiment with styling. We would recommend pair the ZX Boost with an oversized striped rugby shirt or t-shirt, with blue, wide leg jeans and white ribbed socks for the ultimate vintage look.

The drop date for the new adidas ZX Boost is 29th May. The pair will be made available at Adidas below, retailing at just £109.95.

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Researcher: Milo Gall, @ Milog_Gall