A New Kanye West Documentary & Podcast To Be Shown On The BBC

A New Kanye West Documentary & Podcast To Be Shown On The BBC

February 20, 2023
Dom Challis

A new project with the working title “We Need To Talk About Kanye” is set to air on BBC Two as a documentary and podcast exploring “the rollercoaster life and career” of Kanye West.

The new project will be led by investigative journalist Mobeen Azhar. Azher previously helped make the award-winning documentary about Britney Spears’ conservatorship – “The Battle For Britney” in 2021. 

During a press statement, the BBC’s media centre explained: “Unfolding against the backdrop of Ye’s 2024 election campaign, and at a time when his behaviour has sparked outrage and re-evaluation of his place in popular culture, this one-off documentary follows Mobeen as he attempts to understand the complex journey that led Ye to become one of the most famous and creatively successful artists of his generation. But more recently, to condemnation and notoriety.”

The documentary will also be accompanied by a new eight-part podcast series titled “The Kanye Story.”

For each episode, guests will be introduced to offer a different insight into Kanye’s life and explore his place in popular culture – starting all the way from his early success to the controversy currently surrounding him. 

The non-governmental organisation – the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), recently released a report that directly linked Kanye’s recent anti-Semitic remarks to 30 different hate incidents in the US.

The report explained: “These incidents – which include vandalism, banner drops, targeted harassment and campus propaganda distributions – demonstrated the ongoing influence of Ye’s conspiratorial, bigoted rants.”

The report continued to explain that immediately after Ye’s anti-Semitic comments, the phrase ‘Ye is Right’ began trending online through hashtags and anti-Semitic accounts.

Kanye’s received countless cases of backlash, especially from political figures and organisations that represent Jewish communities. This most recent piece of controversy that Kanye’s still feeling the repercussions of will definitely be a focus point in the new documentary and podcast. 

A release date for the documentary and podcast has not yet been confirmed but will hopefully be announced within the coming months. 

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