20 Standout Pieces From The Upcoming Gucci X Palace Collab

20 Standout Pieces From The Upcoming Gucci X Palace Collab

October 19, 2022
Dom Challis

The year may nearly be done, but there’s still plenty to look forward to as two of the world’s biggest and boldest brands are casually joining forces for a huge collection and we’ve picked out the top 20 pieces from the Palace x Gucci Vault collaboration just below.

The Palace x Gucci collaboration is set to launch on Friday 21 October and there’s plenty of apparel, accessories and the more random pieces such as the Moto Guzzi motorcycle and GG-P Supreme Conforti Safe Box.

It’s worth taking note that the Palace x Gucci apparel will be in short supply, so don’t expect them to sit on the Palace or Gucci store shelves for too long. 

Palace is still a skateboard brand before anything, who design clothes for daily wear. This collaboration will see Gucci dive deeper into this different style of dressing and the results are nothing short of pleasent.

Palace has already had a successful year in terms of collaborations as the skateboard brand has already teamed up with the likes of Mercedes, Calvin Klein and Engineered Garments. 

As for Gucci in 2022, we’ve seen the luxury Italian fashion house work with labels such as The North Face, Major League Baseball and of course, Adidas

The Palace x Gucci Vault collaboration is set to release October 21 via Palace, Gucci and special Vault stores and remember that once it drops, the collaboration isn’t going to move slowly. 

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